The Case for Leadership Team Development |

A common concern of small business owners is a question around investing in leadership team development. Why do it in the first place? By the time the employees are trained and developed, they are ready to leave. So why bother? On the flip side, when you do not develop your team, they are not only looking to jump ship as soon as possible, but their contribution is minimal while they are with you.The ImpactWithout a leadership team, you as the business owner carry the brunt of it all. You are it! Every decision, small or large, has to come through you. So you become the decision-making bottleneck. Your employees know that they can count on you to always come up with the solution, so they stop coming up with solutions of their own and completely give up their decision power. Not only does that cripple the employee’s sense of contribution, but the full consequences are much more insidious.Here’s an additional level of impact. Not only is your business performance limited by your daily level of productivity and engagement, but you carry with you an intense amount of stress. That is a physical and mental cost that you take with you everywhere you go! The more your business depends solely on you to perform, the more stressful you are. The more stressful you are, the less effective you can be in driving your business toward success. Do you see the problem here?The SolutionWhen you develop a leadership team, you first and foremost develop the leader-yourself. You must invest time not only in training your people technically, but also in developing their ability to make decisions that will be in line with your business development strategy. The more decisions they take care of, the fewer decisions fall on your shoulders. On your part, you learn to delegate and build trust, so you do not feel as though you are risking your business. As you allow your employees to take on more tasks (and to be proud of their achievements), they feel that they bring more value to the table. They are fulfilled coming to work, and they are more energized to perform at the high level you expect of people. So what is the impact on you? You have more time to think about your business development strategies instead of getting stuck doing the technical work. The added bonus? Your stress level goes down. Can you see the impact that would have on not just your business, but also on all areas of your life?